I’m a blog newbie!

This is the post excerpt.



A little about me – My name is Jennifer! I am just about 30 years old and married to my wonnnnderful hubby, Justin! We recently got married April 8, even though we have been together for a good while now! We have our two pups, Munster (a doberman!) and Maximus (a Great Dane!). No babies yet, but we’re hopeful ☺️ We love the outdoors when we’re not working!  I do accounting for a small fabrication company and my husband works in plants everywhere!

This blog will mostly be used to post my reviews of the Amazon products I am blessed to receive at discounted/free rates. This does not mean that I am obligated to do a review on each item but love to share the great deals I am able to receive! Added in I’m sure will be some random entries of the cool stuff I make with my Cricut, to our random adventures!

Enjoy! xx

Author: jennnreviews

I'm almost 30 years old, married to my hubby - Justin! we live in Texas with our two pups, Munster who is a 3 year old Doberman and a 1 year old Great Dane! We love to spend time doing things outside when we are not at work! I do accounting at a small fabrication shop and Justin works in plants everywhere!

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