Another face product to try out!

A lot of my posts are going to consist of face serums, face lotions, beauty products, ect. I’m a hoarder of them and feel like I can never have enough! I go through tons and tons of different types of medicines through infertility treatments so I am usually terrified that my face is going to break out and look horrible.

My usual go to is a Vitamin C serum daily, twice a day. Morning before my make up and evening after washing my face! I follow in the evening with a moisturizer when I go to sleep! This Organcy Anti- Aging Night Cream is actually pretty great!

In the evenings, I wash/exfoliate and put on a Vit C serum! They dry super quick then follow up with a moisturizer! In place of my ProActiv moisturizer, I have been using this. It comes in a pump bottle, which is great because you do not have to worry about digging in a jar. The pump works smoothly, and two pumps is enough to cover my face VERY well with the cream.

There is no harsh smell to it either! I can not STAND when something stinks that I put on my face. This cream feels a little thick when you put it on but it soaks into your skin and leaves it feeling super soft! When I have a little extra in my hands I like to run it on the tops of my hands to moisturize!

The price is decent for a night cream. A little goes a long way but this is also a decent size bottle. I would suggest using nightly. As in other beauty creams, serums, ect – of course you do not see IMMEDIATE results, but the way this night cream leaves your skin feeling after you put it on for the first time is awesome!

Link to Product :


Author: jennnreviews

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