Little Girls Dresses

I am always getting things for my neice, Cori. So free/discounted things = WIN! She loves coming to my house, especially when she knows there is always a “surprise!” waiting for her. Spoillllled. brat…

Besides toys, she loves playing dress up! I have came across this awesome Amazon store that offers super cute little girls dresses. They are a little fancy, but who doesn’t love dressing up like a Princess?!

The latest dress I have ordered for her is something that she can actually wear on Easter! Its SO adorable and SO girly!!

The top portion of the dress is covered in sequins. When I received this in the mail, I rubbed them, and to my surprise, NONE fell off!! It has a flower pinned on the front, that is removeable! It is on a little pin, so if you are interested in this dress, just know that little ones should not be able to take this off themselves. It will poke them!

I received the yellow color of this for Cori. It is a super super light yellow so like I said, PERFECT for Easter holiday dress! Under the sequin portion of the dress is a ribbon that is attached to the dress, that ties in the back. This will allow you to have the dress a little more tight! The bottom portion is made to be long and flowy! It has different layers! Cori is NOT a fan of ichy material! Under all of the layers of scratchy material (I’ve obviously forgot the name of it but I think it starts with a T! opps!) there is regular soft material, so it covers you little ones legs! Pair this with some super cute shoes and you have an ADORABLE outfit, at a LOW LOW cost!!

I will attach pictures of her in it next time she comes over! and the bottom pictures are the two other dresses that I ordered from the same Amazon shop!! One is a similar dress, but in a very pretty “rose” color. More towards pink! and the first one I received for this store, is still my favorite – I secretly wish they made this in an adult size, because it is SOOOOO.FREAKKKINNNG.CUTE!!! – I know she doesn’t look too thrilled in them, but she is two, and she has a grouchy attitude about pictures! lol Anways – Check out their Amazon Store! They are super great to work with also!

Although I did receive these pictures for free or at a discounted rate, I am not obligated to review these items. I love sharing the great finds I am blessed to come across!

Link for Yellow Sequin Dress:

Link for Red Sequin Dress:

Link for ONE yr old Dress: (CUTEST THING EVERRRR!!) :

Each of them are offered in many different colors also! 🙂


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