Little Kids Leggings

I have previously explained on another baby item blog post the reason as to why I order tons of baby products if I come across them at a great deal! I was offered these at a discounted rate and thought they were adorable, as I do every other infant product! (Baby fever is killer!)

These leggings came with one in its pack! There were a few different choices but I thought these were super different and cute! Who else is going to have leggings with lightening bolts and clouds and rain drops! They are so unique and I just had to order them! for 21 cents, who would pass up that deal?!

So these are not seperate. They are leggings. Some times you come across these on Amazon and they end up being “leg warmers”. The description does state “leg warmers” also but no… they are full leggings, with feet! So you do not have to worry about them falling down easily! The material they are made with is so soft. I would suggest maybe a size up from what you originally want. They are small and the material they are made from does seem as if it will shrink as a lot of leggings do.

The knees are my favorite! Each knee has a cloud picture on it, and on each leg under each cloud is a lightening bolt and rain drops on the other! I have never seen any leggings like this and will be cute for a little girl, with just a t-shirt on a rainy day paired with some rain boots!

The brand Gellwhu has MANY awesome baby products! This is probably the 5th item I have received from this brand and I have never been disappointed with any order I have received!

Pictures of product to come! 🙂

Link to Leggings: Gellwhy Baby Leggings Leg Warmers


Author: jennnreviews

I'm almost 30 years old, married to my hubby - Justin! we live in Texas with our two pups, Munster who is a 3 year old Doberman and a 1 year old Great Dane! We love to spend time doing things outside when we are not at work! I do accounting at a small fabrication shop and Justin works in plants everywhere!

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