Spoons, Spoons, SPOONS!

img_2617We have tons of people always coming to our home for get togethers, family dinners, etc. My husband also works in a plant and takes his lunch everyday to work. I always notice I am short silverware! I started buying my husband boxes of plastic utensils to keep in his lunch box because I guess he just decides to throw them away, accidentally?! Who knows! 🙂

I can’t remember when the last time I bought a new set of silverware was actually so coming across this bundle of spoons for this deal, I opted in and was excited to receive them to replace all the long lost spoons of my home!

I was skeptical at first of ordering this but after reading the description and some of the past reviews, I felt okay with it. I mean, who could go wrong with 12 Stainless Steel Teaspoons?! I love that they have a very slick look to them. There is no designs on them, just plain and simple! Although I did receive these for free, I don’t think $12.99 for this pack of spoons is a bad price to pay on Amazon!

When receiving them in the mail, I opened the package. Each spoon is individually wrapped in plastic! It allowed them to not get all scratched up being delivered! (Taking off all the plastic was another story but simply just pull them off!) I washed them in my dishwasher, as I do all my other utensils with NO PROBLEM! No immediate rust spots. They got put in with my other random spoons, and we have been using them. Strangely my husband did notice because he said they looked “newer” than our old ones! I guess I need to upgrade all of our utensils now!

This is a great product to purchase if:

You have numbers of gatherings at your home!
A big in home family in general!
Eat a lot of ice cream! 😉 (This is my problem!)
Holiday Parties! (This could easily be set out at a table setting. Add a red bow to each for Christmas decor! or if you have a Halloween party, simply a black and/or orange bow would be adorable!)

#TouchOfClassReviews #GotItFree

I received this product for free. I am not obligated to leave/write a review for this product. I write reviews to let others know about the great products that I am blessed to come across!


Check out the listing here! – Hi-Ware 12 Piece Stainless Steel Teaspoons


Author: jennnreviews

I'm almost 30 years old, married to my hubby - Justin! we live in Texas with our two pups, Munster who is a 3 year old Doberman and a 1 year old Great Dane! We love to spend time doing things outside when we are not at work! I do accounting at a small fabrication shop and Justin works in plants everywhere!

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