Never too much tupperware! πŸ–Β 

Tupperware is right, right?! 

Do you ever cook way to much food or have get together where people bring different things, then they leave it all at your house?! We have that problem sometimes. Or I usually cook too much and make my husbands lunches to take to work the next day. 

When he takes his lunch I always feel like I loose forks, spoons, knifes or all my expensive Ziploc containers that only come about 3 in a pack. 

This product comes with so many in one package that you won’t have to worry. Each plate has three compartments and each has its own clear lid! These are dishwasher safe and do not deform when put in there! Each compartment on the “plate” is a different size. One large section for the main part of the meal and two sections of different sizes for the sides of your meal. It fits perfectly inside my husbands lunch box also! 

I did receive this product for free which was awesome! I’m not obligated to leave reviews for these products but the deals that I am able to review are something that I would recommend to my friends and family! Compare these to a three pack of expensive ZipLoc containers. You will not be disappointed!!


Coolest Kid Watch ⌚️ 

When I was little, all I had were those cool wrist slap things that were super stupid but cool to me then. Lol Kids these days have the most awesome technology options! 

My husband and I have always said when (hopefully soon! ☺️) our own child, we will not allow them to sit in front of iPads, tablets, TVs, gaming systems, etc all the time. We both grew up enjoying the outside and other things and the things that come on TV now are pretty much ridiculous. Items like these are different. This child’s “smart watch” is perfect. Although I did receive this for free to review, I would have definetly purchased this if I would have came across it. I love to spoil my neice, obviously! 

This watch is the cutest color combinations. It is a great size and the screen is touch screen! Next cool thing – it has a camera! With Cori being two, I want her to learn how to tell time and this is going to be a great way to teach her. The characters featured in the production of the watch are cute and will get a child’s attention! You are able to take pictures and the parents can transfer them by a USB cable onto the computer. You can record voice memos also. When it arrives, charge it for a few hours and it will be ready to go! While it is charging, make sure it is on the correct setting! Instruction manual tells you everything you need to know! I’ll be putting this aside and wrapping it for πŸŽ„ Christmas πŸŽ„! 

Also – this model was a pink theme. It also comes in a blue/red theme that can be for a little boy! 

[Disregard my nail color! They need to be done! 😬😩]

I will provide link if you are interested in purchasing! 


Why do you need a iPad?!Β 

As you can see from my previous post, I use a Cricut Explore Air to print labels, iron on shirt decals… or other things! Since I have bought my machine I have used my iPhone Cricut app to make designs and print from it. 

It’s not the easiest thing. I have been telling Justin for a few weeks now I would love a iPad (big size!) to be able to use for my machine. Then I was offered this product for free to review! Crazy right?! I know. 

This tablet is AWESOME πŸ‘πŸΌ The size is great and big enough to work off of. Another great thing about this is that it is already unlocked. You can insert your SIM card in it and use it as a phone or send texts. It can connect to wifi super simple. It has a front and back camera that also has a flash! It is a Android system so if you are use to IOS it may take some getting use to! This tablet came in a 7″ screen so I used my Kindle Fire screen protector on it and it worked fine! This is also available at a little more cost in a 9.5″ screen. 

The design of this tablet is great. Perfect size in my opinion and it comes in a clean white color! In the box is also the charger and USB cable you need to charge the tablet! 


Because she’s Mickey obsessed and I’m Halloween obsessed! πŸ‘»

My niece Cori loves anything that has to do with Minnie and Mickey Mouse! Since I’m on bed rest for three days due to a medical procedure yesterday, I figured I would sit around and make her a few shirts. Of course, my first thought was a Halloween shirt! πŸ‘»πŸŽƒβ€οΈ 

I used my Cricut Explore Air and I love how it turned out! Simple but so cute! I’ll get her a pair of Halloween leggings and big orange bow to pair with it! She visited today with my mom and the first thing she said was it was “beautiful” (her recent favorite word for everything!) and asked if I had a matching one. I may jut have to make me one. 

Don’t mind her silly faces. She’s on the go all the time! 

Great thing about this – Hobby Lobby has its Cricut things 30% off and their shirts 30% off! Score! 

I also made her a Paw Patrol simple shirt. She picked out the designs and what she wanted! 

I need to fill my craft room with tons of more blank shirts and Pattern vinyls for tons of shirts! Where do you buy your craft supplies from!? 

Huge Blow Up Flamingo!Β 

I was so excited to receive this huge blow up float in the shape of a Flamingo! I have seen a few different animals and shapes in all different sizes so when I came across the Flamingo, I wanted it! 

This thing is HUGE! When I received it, it came in a regular size card board box.. I didn’t expect it to turn out this big! My two year old neice was here when it arrived and she thought it was “beautiful”. (Her exact words! πŸ˜‚)

I tried to blow this up myself – no. You need a air pump for this and just my luck we do not have one! (Anyone need one reviewed?! πŸ˜‰) Soooo I used my blow dryer on the cold setting! It took a while but not that long! This Flamingo took up most of my master bath room and most of my living room! So my neice and I took it out to the front yard and played on it since we do not have a pool here… yet! (I’m still telling my husband I need one!) 

She jumped on it, got under it and even napped on it. Who needs a pool!?! To let the air out, I just opened the holes up and let it sit. Of course I could not put it back in the original box but I folded it up properly and placed in a bigger size box to store. It also comes with patches in case you have small leaks! 


I will update with link to purchase if you are interested! β€οΈπŸ’–

I’m a blog newbie!

This is the post excerpt.


A little about me – My name is Jennifer! I am just about 30 years old and married to my wonnnnderful hubby, Justin! We recently got married April 8, even though we have been together for a good while now! We have our two pups, Munster (a doberman!) and Maximus (a Great Dane!). No babies yet, but we’re hopeful ☺️ We love the outdoors when we’re not working! Β I do accounting for a small fabrication company and my husband works in plants everywhere!

This blog will mostly be used to post my reviews of the Amazon products I am blessed to receive at discounted/free rates. This does not mean that I am obligated to do a review on each item but love to share the great deals I am able to receive! Added in I’m sure will be some random entries of the cool stuff I make with my Cricut, to our random adventures!

Enjoy! xx